Four Ways to Boost Your Energy Without Caffeine

When most people think about getting a much-needed boost of energy to increase focus, power through a long workday or get pumped up before a big concert, caffeine comes to mind. It’s easy to pour a cup of coffee or grab a convenient energy drink to get an edge. But what if you want a boost without suffering the side effects of caffeine? We’ll look at four ways to enjoy a surge of energy sans the world’s most famous stimulant. 

Get plenty of sleep

Yes, reading advice to get more sleep isn’t exciting but it’s important, nonetheless. One of the reasons you might be tired could simply be linked to sleep deprivation.  Getting at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night can impact your energy levels significantly. Also, if you catch enough Zs, you may not feel the need to make that morning coffee.  A win all around.

Eat your carbs

Keto enthusiasts may want to close their eyes, but if you want a healthy boost of energy turn to carbohydrates. The quicker energy carbohydrates provide can give you a nice boost before you start an activity say like that awesome concert you’ve been looking forward to all month. Opt for simple carbohydrates if you need the energy sooner. If you don’t want to eat unhealthier foods like cookies or candy, try fruit. You’ll get plenty of simple carbs without the guilt. In addition to eating carbs, you may also consider eating smaller meals. Larger meals entail longer digestive times and that can lead to fatigue. 

Take your vitamins

You can’t feel energetic if you are deficient in iron, B12 or Vitamin D. You can find these vitamins and minerals naturally in many foods but if you are lacking you may want to consider supplementing. If you aren’t big on popping vitamin pills you can find iron in eggs, chicken and red meat. Vitamin B12 can also be found in meats, eggs and dairy products. Vitamin D, of course, is produced by exposure to sunlight but can also be located in foods like cheese, egg yolks and fortified pre-packaged items like cereals.

Stay hydrated

You’ve probably heard this advice before; drink more water. This overlooked essential part of life is not only necessary, but it can also help stave off lethargy. Even slight dehydration can take a toll on your energy levels. Additionally, not drinking enough water can lead to slower brain function. Less energy and slower brain function? That alone should be enough to make you grab a glass of H2O. 

So, if you want to stay energetic and avoid caffeine try one of these tips. You may also save a bit of money by avoiding expensive coffee drinks. That means more cash for events, you know like concerts. And who doesn’t want to attend more concerts?

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