Goals for Music Lovers in 2020

We’ve completed another great year of music now it’s time to turn the page and look forward to more awesome musically inspired memories in 2020. Not only are we beginning a new year, but we are also entering into a new decade. So, it’s the perfect time to take a seat, put on your music thinking cap and conjure up a few cool music goals for the new year (and decade). Here’s a little help in crafting a few music objectives that will make this year stellar. 

Attend more concerts

This is a goal most music lovers can wholeheartedly get behind. Even if you had the opportunity to attend a plethora of incredible live shows last year, adding a few more for 2020 can help grow your love for music. Try a mix of big acts with local smaller bands when putting together your concert schedule. Attending a show in a quainter setting can be an exceptional experience. And when it comes to budgeting, make sure you leave plenty of space for merchandise. Leaving a show empty-handed is not an option. Having the extra cash on hand to purchase a shirt or even a sticker, will help complete amazing live music experiences.

Try new music

We are creatures of habit, so changing any behavior can be difficult. But venturing outside of your music comfort zone can be very rewarding. Go ahead and crank up a genre you normally wouldn’t listen to. Dare we even say try music you may have disliked in the past? Tastes can change over time and music you found less than desirable last year might inspire you in 2020. Another idea is to exchange music play lists with a friend and really try to enjoy every song. Even if you only discover one new tune you like, it’s worth it.

Learn to play an instrument

You’ve always wanted to play an instrument but never took the time to practice. Well, make 2020 the year you commit to learning. Whether it’s guitar, piano or trumpet, there’s an instrument for everyone. If you are already a maestro in one try to pick up a new instrument. You’re probably thinking “I don’t have time” but even if you take a few minutes per day, over the course of a year or years, the time will add up. Block out a comfortable time period and enjoy. Learning how to play music can expand your appreciation when listening to it.

Post more great photos of concerts to your social media accounts

There is no such thing as too many live music images. Try to take as many great pictures as possible and make sure you remember to include yourself and friends in at least a few of the photos. You want to show the world that you are having a great time watching your favorite bands so snap and post away. 

This is just a starting point to the music goals you can create for the new year. The possibilities are endless. Go ahead and jot down your ideas and make 2020 another great year for music.

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