Our Story

Leaving Early?  Arriving Late? Plans Change?  With FlipTix®, there are no scalpers, no secondary market fees, no giving cash to a stranger and hoping the ticket works.  FlipTix® is 100% guaranteed and authentic. 

 FlipTix® is the only place where you can get a ticket from the moment an event is announced, until the final curtain closes.

Born from the idea that fans should be able to get access to an event even AFTER it begins, FlipTix® takes event entry to the next level.

FlipTix® is the world’s first fan-to-fan marketplace that both lets fans make their used ticket available to another fan that is waiting to get in for a great deal (we call this a Flip®) AND helps fans get into a show even after it begins.

How It Works

Flip® with Us

Life happens, and FlipTix® has you covered! On our partnered events, all you need to do is register your Flip® and drop off your ticket.

FlipTix® will take in and destroy your original wristband – and all the personal information on it – and list your Flip® for sale on the FlipTix® app and website.

Once your Flip® sells, you’ll get a reward (often a monetary payout).  It’s that easy!

Get into the Show

Check the FlipTix® website or mobile app for Flip®-enabled events. As fans register their tickets to be Flipped, inventory will be listed for sale – regardless of an event being sold out.

Simply select the event and number of tickets you want, then log-in and confirm your purchase.  Since our tickets come from the event itself, you have 100% confidence they work and are legit.

If tickets aren’t available for an event you’re interested in, simply “Heart” the Flip®-enabled event and we’ll notify you when tickets are available.  You can purchase your ticket right on the FlipTix® app or website and you’re all set.  If your event requires a wristband, just stop by our on site booth to pick it up!

FlipTix® gets you in when others can’t.